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Torelló Collection's bottle, in front of the vineyards

At the end of September Luis Gutiérrez, Robert Parker’s taster of Spanish wines, published his article on Catalan wines. And with his report, he also included the scores for the wines for which all the cellars were waiting. At Torelló we are very satisfied and proud of the results obtained, the 9 wines and corpinnats tasted achieved between 96 and 90 points.

The wines that scored between 90 and 95 points are considered by the guide as “An outstanding wine of exceptional complexity and character. In short, these are terrific wines.”

And those that score between 96 and 100 points are considered “aextraordinary wine of profound and complex character displaying all the attributes expected of a classic wine of its variety. Wines of this caliber are worth a special effort to find, purchase and consume.”

Puntuació Torelló Collection 2011 Robert Parker 2022

The Torelló Collection 2011 stands out with 96 points, and of which Luis Gutiérrez says:

The limited 2011 Collection was produced with the traditional blend of three grapes with a long aging in bottle (over 10 years!), during which time the wine developed a lot of aromatic complexity, lots of almonds (toasted and green!), a smoky note and hints of bread dough and brioche, with a velvety texture with tiny bubbles and great finesse. This is the third vintage of this wine.

Gran Torelló Grandes Añadas 2013 Puntuacions Robert Parker 2022

The Gran Torelló Great Vintages 2013 also received special praise:

I loved the superb, complex, austere and nuanced 2013 Gran Torelló Brut Nature “Grandes Añadas.” This is a superb wine that happens to have bubbles, a delicate pétillant sensation in the finish after a long time in bottle. There is something in common in these wines; this matured in bottle with cork, but all the grapes come from their vineyards, and they use their own yeasts. It has unctuosity, power and elegance, complexity and depth. This should be long lived. It has a lovely bitter twist in the finish. It’s marked by the long aging, a beautiful balance between oxidation, bubbles and acidity. It’s a blend of 41% Xarel.lo, 31% Macabeo and 28% Parellada with over 100 months in bottle. 1,600 bottles produced”.

50 Lliures 2021 Robert Parker 2022

Finally, we are especially happy with the 91 points for the new ecological white wine 50 Pounds which is in its second year, of which he highlights

The 2021 50 Lliures is a new still Xarel.lo that has a balsamic nose and notes of bay leaf, varietal with elegance and complexity. It’s a blend of wines fermented and aged in different containers—stainless steel, oak, amphorae, glass demijohn and concrete egg—that give it complexity and depth. It’s balanced and has a soft palate with pungent flavors, with personality. It’s approachable now, but it might gain some complexity in bottle. 9,000 bottles were produced”.


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