Wine Marc Esencia

A distillate made from the breezes and mothers of our long-aged sparkling wines. From the skins of the grapes we get this brandy full of aromas and nuances

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Marc Esencia wine bottle

Marc Esencia

Varieties: 100% Xarel.lo, from our Can Martí estate organic vineyards.
Produced by direct distillation from the still to the bottle. This marc contains the very best aromas from the skins of our grapes and the maximum aromas from the traditional varieties from the Penedés Region. With this Torelló Marc we have recovered an old family tradition from the XIX Century, the production of distilled liquor.

Pure distillate from the skins.

No added sugars: Dry

Vol: 42% alcohol


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Transparent, clean and bright.


Dry, round and creamy. A lengthy ending, with body and personality


Intensity and richness of aromas, ripe white fruit and nuts.

Ideal to accompany:

Dark chocolates and desserts made with dried fruit and products with brioche or cream.

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