Publicado por: Xavi Aranda
Publicado el November 27 2018

The 2018 harvest in Torelló

Paco de la Rosa Torelló en la vendimia 2018

Paco de la Rosa Torelló en la vendimia 2018

The 66th harvest at Can Martí

Commencing on August 13th and concluding on September 27th, with occasional pauses due to storms and the necessary maturation of select varieties. Truth be told, 2018 will stand out as the year engraved in our memory for the highest rainfall across all four seasons, causing a 10-day delay in the harvest compared to the previous year. The total rainfall on our estate from January to September 2018 amounted to 822 liters per square meter.

Ecological excellence: meticulous hand-harvesting of 11 varieties

The 11 ecologically cultivated varieties were meticulously hand-harvested and swiftly transported to the cellar using small trailers or 25kg boxes. While minor instances of mildew were detected in the most susceptible varieties, the manual harvesting process allowed for a pre-selection of grapes on the vine, impacting only production and not compromising quality.

Corpinnat affiliation: a landmark harvest audited by Bureau Veritas

This marks our inaugural harvest since becoming members of the Association of Wine-growers and Producers Corpinnat (AVEC), a milestone audited by Bureau Veritas. Learn more at

Culmination in complexity: crafting wines with acidity-alcohol balance

The resulting wines from this climatically intricate harvest are distinguished by a remarkable balance between acidity and alcohol content—a crucial hallmark for the enduring effervescence of our aged sparkling wines.