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Publicado el November 30 2021

Winter pruning at Can Martí vineyards

Winter pruning at Can Martí vineyards

Poda d'hivern a les vinyes de Can Martí

November 2021

The 90 hectares of vines will be pruned in the coming months

We have already started the winter pruning at Can Martí estate. The vineyard team began pruning the 90 hectares of organic vines on 15 November, work that will continue for the next three months or so.

Winter pruning begins when the last leaves have fallen from the vines, which is when they have taken all the nutrients from the plant. The purpose of pruning is to limit the growth of the plant, thus concentrating and balancing the sap and nutrients, with the aim of improving the yield and quality of the grapes. In addition, this also unifies the plant in a single space and facilitates the work of the vineyard team.

At Can Martí estate we prune the old vines first and then the young ones. In the plots where we know that frost usually affects them more, pruning is done later, due to not to stimulate sprouting before time and so that they are not affected by frost. We never prune when the plant is wet, to avoid wood diseases, and we always adjust the cut, as reducing it prevents from fungus.

We try to take maximum care of the vines, always pruning in a respectful way.


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