Publicado por: Claudia Satorre
Publicado el June 29 2020

3D Can Martí Estate

3D video of Can Marti Estate

3D video of Can Martí Estate. Locate the Estate on the map, show the terrain and geography, talk about the flora and fauna and show the formation and composition of the land

March 2020

Technology came to our house a long time ago. In the vineyards, in the pressing area and in the cellar – in our family, one of the promoters of modernization, was already our grandfather, Francesc Torelló Casanovas -. But the advances cover different aspects and today comes to us in the form of video. 3D video.

Until now, those who wanted to know our Can Martí estate could do so through historical documents (originating in 1395), entering our website, coming to visit us in person or even through our wines. and sparkling. Today we present a broader and deeper form, which goes into our 135-hectare estate, showing us everything that makes it up, in a way we had never seen before.

This 3D video places the farm on the map, shows us the land and geography, delimits all our vineyards – classifying them and differentiating them by grape varieties -, talks about organic olive trees, the different fauna and flora that inhabits them. in this habitat and even teaches the formation and composition of our soils.

An arduous study work on the estate, which is now summarized in just over four minutes. We hope you like it!


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