Publicado por: Xavi Aranda
Publicado el July 1 2024

A bird was born on a Garnacha vine at our estate

Last week, at the Pota Gros vineyard, while we were watching the evolution of the grapes, we discovered, between branches of a Grenache vine, a nest with an egg and a newborn bird.

Life makes its way in a vine of our vineyards and, in this sense, the organic farming that we practice plays a fundamental role.

Photograph of a bird hatched on a Garnacha vine at our estate.

The bird had recently hatched and was in its nest.

In Can Martí estate of 135 hectares in Gelida, more than 30 species of birds have been catalogued among which are thrushes, jays, sparrows, buzzards, goldfinches, grey herons, swallows, hoopoes, herons, duck or partridges.